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Why choose a Simplex Elevator?

Fully enclosed lift car, not just a platform  

Safe & easy to use, electric motor system that runs off standard household power

Locally designed & engineered, over 650 lifts installed around NZ 

Lift size is tailored to plan, made-to-measure & match to your home décor

Engineered to 4 levels, maximum load 3-4 persons/350kg, 13-16 sec/floor

Trusted quality & value, our lifts are specified by leading architects & builders

NZ Building Code NZS4334:2012 compliant

Friendly, local service - full after sales support, warranty and service

We offer affordable residential lifts, uniquely designed for your home..

Elevators are no longer solely the dominion of commercial buildings, or people with a disability and elderly requiring a home access solution. There’s a growing trend among top architects and home owners to future proof new builds and home renovations by installing a residential lift. 


Simplex has been manufacturing and servicing residential elevators since 1995. With over 650 lifts around
New Zealand, we have earned a reputation as a safe, easy-to-use and competitively-priced home lift solution.

Locally designed and engineered, in robust galvanised steel and marine grade ply construction, means a short manufacturing lead time. Lift cars are sized to plan, made-to-measure and fitted out to blend seamlessly into the décor of any home.  Simplex Elevators boast an efficient, quiet-running electric motor/winch system which runs on standard 240v household power. The lift well only requires a shallow concrete pit and only inter-floor lift shaft wall lining, making Simplex a popular choice over hydraulic, water platform or imported European options.  


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